Going out of business stores

Submitted by Sp00py in Shoplifting

Toys r us is going out of business and I walk past their camera room when I was shopping there today and was wondering if it were easier to steal from a store that was just shutting down. As I walked around I noticed they had a couple of plainclothes and had employees walking around. Idk if it’s treated any differently but I know for a fact that if I were going to lose my job soon I wouldn’t really give a fuck. But does anyone here have any stories or experience?


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gangshittttt wrote

yeah it is easy to lift from as its closing. theyre gonna let lp go try the last few days its open


J1534 wrote

The only problem I see with lifting from going out of business stores is that there will be two things you'd have to deal with, stores being extremely busy which would mean that there would be too many people around to just walk out.and scenario 2 which is the case where you'd have to deal with heavy lp who may be well disguised in plain clothes