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Coolguy48 OP wrote

Does it work


gangshittttt wrote

i never had it go off, but depending on the person you are by LP will profile them. if its an elderly white man of course they gonna check you. if they a young black man they gonna check him. if youre with your parents and they buy stuff just offer to push the cart and stay by the cart. they will assume something went off in the cart and ask to see reciept. and thats even if they ask you lmao. most of the time they will wave u


Throwdown321 wrote

i tried it dint work and i got caught. especially if you dint know there was a source tag, or knew one in there. its better to caution and make sure you dont have any security tags. experience was from target. multiple scenarios can occur if you try to walk out with a security tag. if there is a lp/security guard, they will always try to stop you. You can try say, its my phone method, and usually doesnt work. At this point if your past the gate, they may or may not have apprehend policy, so i suggest running away, or play by thier rules and accept the consequences. walking with a large group of people might work. But ive seen before target moved on to using LP. there was a somewhat older security guard, he physically blockaded the entrance of a family trying to leave, when it triggered a tower. I tested another theory, i watched another security guard what he would do, as i got closer, he got suspicious and started walking towards me, but i went away to the card area and stuff a small starter set of ptgco(it was a pretty boxy item about 10, by 5 inches in my waistband). I concluded earlier the other security guard would block me if i tried to exit with my big item. i went to the lone security officer, he was already suspicious of me at first, but i walked past the towers, it dint set it off, and i left with the goods.

There is racial profiling going at stores though. if your a tall black or white guy usually about 6'2 they dont want to touch you, because these demographics are more likely to sue. if your a young person, also wearing a hoodie, backpack, puff jacket, baggy pants, expect them to follow you.