Good way to get past nervousness for new lifters

Submitted by Coolguy48 in Shoplifting

I find that a good way to get past nervousness is by focusing entirely on what your going to lift in the moment instead of thinking about consequences and other stuff just think "what am I going to lift" of course also be aware of your surroundings at the same time


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Jessica wrote

Think about the possible consequences and precedents. For instance, did someone your age/occupation get caught lifting? What happened to them? Was it a slap on the wrist, a year in prison, or did they get their hand cut off?

Ask yourself if you're able to go through the consequences when it all hits the pan. If the answer is yes, then tell yourself that you've already made your decision and go ahead with the plan. Stick to the plan and discard any nervousness as you've already made the decision and any further doubts will only undermine your confidence. Confidence is good for lifting things. It makes you look like you belong and so you lay under the radar.


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J1534 wrote

You just gotta be aware of your surroundings in case lp or an employee walk by and you gotta get yourself out the store asap with or without whatever it was you were trying to lift because even though you may have really wanted say beats for example you gotta think about if a pair of beats headphones is really worth going to jail and getting a felony theft charge


Throwdown321 wrote (edited )

the biggest mistake is ignoring the consequences, Alot of people on /r/shoplifting did that, and they got caught, and it drew to much attention to the subreddit. because people are ignorant of the consequences, they are more brazen, and more likely to lift recklessly.


J1534 wrote

What you need to do is get yourself in the right mindset for example prepare your mind to go in to the store and keep yourself focused on what you're going to lift and how you're going to lift it meaning can you just go into the store and stick said item(s) in your pocket or does it require you finding a blind spot to conceal the item(s) long enough to remove them from the packaging or does said item(s) require you to carry a backpack because their too big to be concealed on your person long story short you gotta keep your eye on the prize and not think about the consequences of getting caught