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Stealingisfun6669 wrote

It depends, one Walmart I lifted like 20 Pokémon pack of cards, the store is 2 story with low ceilings, and with groceries on the first floor, everything else on the 2nd. No cameras in the row containing the Pokémon cards ( this Walmart doesn't carry yugioh, only Pokémon) so I took what I could. I went to another Walmart more like a super Walmart it's really big, and they have yugioh. I was barely able to lift a yugioh deck walking down a row with no cameras, I've gotten caught at this Walmart YEARSSSS Ago, and their loss prevention is actually pretty good, anyways this time I walked out and remembered loss prevention being these big looking Samoan motherfuckers, as I'm outside I see one walking out and eyeballing me. I think he tried to get my attention but I was already a good distance from the door so I kept walking. Maybe he was hoping I'd walk back over to him. So yeah, some Walmart are a piece of cake, some are hard.