Shoplifting from target

Submitted by ezoz in Shoplifting

I see a lot of posts saying that target is incredibly hard to shoplift from, my local target has an insane amount of cameras with no blind spots that I can see, but the thing is, there are 3 really cool books that are 30 dollars each and I really like them. Should I not even attempt something like this? Should I walk out with the books? What are your inputs, thanks.



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commie wrote

if you can go to a nearby town 2 or 3 hours on the highway, i think you should be fine for a one-off thing. don't keep hitting targets, and use otherwise "good practices" like making use of blindspots etc.


ezoz OP wrote

Unfortunately thats not an option, not to mention the books are big as fuck so concealing would be challenging. Probably too risky. Sucks because I really wanted the zelda book but I don't have a whole lot of money as a teen (which is why i mostly lift)


commie wrote

i'm going to give you two methods, and i suggest you try them both.

pick the item, and pull 2 off the shelf. as you do that, turn the product FACE UP and try to keep it pretty much level the entire time it is in your hand.

then go to your favorite blindspot, act like you're looking for an item, and squat down to the bottom shelf. slip the bottom book up into your shirt, keeping the other one level.

when you stand up, you're fuckin ready. find a shelf to ditch the extra book, and find an exit.


gangshittttt wrote

ive done saks before twice in a span of two weeks. they will almost guaruntee have source tags tho. its fine but look carefully for source tags


Coolguy48 wrote (edited )

Don't there just to thorough with putting chips or whatever in packaging and putting spider wrap on everything worth stealing also cameras absolutely fucking everywhere employees absolutely everywhere and uptight moms in there 40s with like 50 kids absolutely everywhere


J1534 wrote

I'd be careful,target likes to put tags and chips in everything they can fit them in