I got hit with a walgreens code 99 today.

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It scared me enough to bail. I didn't steal anything before the code went off, but a couple weeks ago I hit the walgreens hard. During that heist, I tanked some alarm hits with spiderwrapped goods in my bag lol. So they probably recognized me from my previous heist.


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Stealingisfun6669 wrote

Try going back during a different shift/time of day, or a different day like a weekend VS weekday. Another thing I've tried is try and look at the workers name tag the day you lift and the next time you wanna go back call the store and ask for if they have some random ass item in stock be all polite and shit and say thanks for you help and if they can hold the item up front and ask for their name. If it's a name you remember then you know it may be the same people working the last time you were there. You could also make up some complaint and ask for a manager to see if they're at the store, and hang up before they them on the phone but also have a complaint ready because they may say they'll just pass it on to the manager instead of actually letting you speak to the manager


thecathatstealsfromu wrote

someone else was probably stealing if that code went off and you didn't take anything. still, stay low for a bit longer.


braketheboxes wrote

One thing that would help would be to dress different each time. Get some wigs or other disguises. Plan an escape route and don't carry any ID with you. Use their biases against them for example wear a suit or come in at a busy time when people are getting off work or going to work. Or have a friend come in and look sketchy but not do anything so the guards are watching them while you go do your thing.

You could even recon the buildings to get to know the guard shifts. Some places only have security guards on later on in the day or the evening.

One thing you could try is to make a faraday pouch in your bag. It should if I understand correctly block the alarms from being triggered so you could stock up and waltz out the front door. If anyone has tried this or knows please feel free to correct me.


J1534 wrote

Code 99 means that an you've been seen trying to steal and you should drop the merch and bail I had to Google it because I thought the only cameras in Walgreens were watching the pharmacy


J1534 wrote

Code 99 is the code for theft which probably means you were at some point seen leaving thr store with items during a previous lift or that an employee saw you concealing. What was so important that you had to try and lift it from a Walgreens and not a walmart?


J1534 wrote

Might as well go to walmart where there are blindspots and a much higher chance of making it out the store the difference between Walgreens and walmart is that walmart is being which means there's more for lp to monitor which also means that you could easily make it out the store before you were even seen on camera and most of the cameras at walmart are duds meaning their just domes up with non functioning cameras or just empty domes