I was followed and almost caught at a Walmart I've been to multiple times. (ADVICE)

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I was at Walmart, a Walmart I often go to, to "grab things." The amount of "grabbed" amounts to, I would assume, a felony. Today I went into to "grab" some stuff when I noticed LP and undercover LP were following me. I walked around, watching them, it was blatantly obvious that they were following me. When I walked out to leave, I ditched my cart and left everything. They stopped me at the front and asked to see my things, I showed them I had nothing and they let me leave. My questions is, now that they sort of caught me, should I be ready for anything to come my way? I have used my card there but that was months ago. I already know to stay away from "grabbing" things for a while, I think I'm just going to stop all together. I'm just paranoid that they're tracking me now, is there any comforting new?


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It all depends on the size and location of the particular walmart because I live in a somewhat nice area and have only ever seen one LP.at my walmart but even then he looks like he'd be to scared to confront a suspected shoplifter but you really shouldn't have to worry because a good majority of walmarts employees are illegals from other countries who get hired by walmart because they can get away with paying them less and thr said employees are probably afraid to confront shoplifters because their afraid that they'll get sent back to their third world shit hole countries


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how long do you typically spend in the store?


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Varies but this time I had my back pack and a bag. I was studying and then went to the mall to buy jeans, I was also dressed pretty sketchy. I only realize now that I looked pretty suspicious, But to answer your question, I usually spend 10 to 30 minutes at a time, just to scroll around.


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Back packs are a major red flag.

I'd stay away from that store, and any other stores in a 50 mile radius (as they may share your pics with the other stores). Or dress differently, ditch the backpack, and try a different lifting technique (inc barcoding, box stuffing, etc).


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If your location has heavy foot traffic meaning it's busy virtually all the time then you shouldn't have to worry because lp sees so many different faces that they'd most likely forget yours


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Similar situation happened to me about a month ago,I ride the bus to and from work every morning when I get off and decided to go into the walmart that literally right next to my apartment anyway so I went in with the backpack I normally have with me because I ride the bus and decided that this haul was gonna be food so I made it over to the groceries and got myself a big bag of tyson frozen popcorn chicken and a bag of spicy doritos and a jar of tostios cheese dip long story short I got the items all the way to the mens clothing section where an employee walked by and saw me bent down at my backpack but a bin of socks was blocking anybody from seeing what I was doing so I felt I had to abandon some of the items so I left the chips and dip and high tailed it over to the hygiene section and put the popcorn chicken in my backpack then realized I was standing right in front of one of those monitors that says recording in progress which I now assume is there to scare off potential shoplifter more than anything because I go in about once or twice a week and nobody bothers me which is starting to make me think that walmarts lp set up is pathetic ,I've seen one guy at my walmart who is lp but even so he looks pathetic and speaks heavily broken English and he also looks like he'd be afraid to actually confront a suspected shoplifter when the time came but that's the major issue with walmart it's that they'd rather hire illegals who can barely speak english and who think their entitled to speak to customers however they want, I saw a middle eastern women wearing a head scarf tell a white guy probably early thirties that she doesn't have to help a white christian pig and proceeded to say that she as a middle eastern women had more rights in the United States then somebody who was born here and she was asked by the white guy if she had a green card and said I dont have to show anybody my green card and then was called out by one of the eight or nine of us who were standing there with our phones recording long story short she was taken to court for thereating a customer with murdering his family and was deported with no possibly chance of reentry into the United States every in her life time