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thecathatstealsfromu wrote

yeah I'll keep that in mind (staying away from walmart for a bit since I was just there about a week ago)


gangshittttt wrote

ive hit up meijers without ever taking a break for the past 2 years its fine. just dispose of any cardboard, dont be nervous, dont let employees see you. ALWAYS GO TO CLOTHING SECTION. clothing racks are a blessing for lifters. i got 2 canada goose hats using some jackets. 150 total. if they wanna catch you they will. the way to avoid that is to make it so no camera sees you. if a camera sees you with no employees usually not a problem. if a employee sees you with no camera not a problem at all unless you are there for a 5 minutes after that. if a employee and camera see you you have fucked up.


J1534 wrote

I've read online in similar threads that a good majority of the cameras in walmart are either fake or just empty domes and I'm starting to realize that's true at least at my walmart ive stolen probably close to or right at $500 from walmart it's the easiest store to hit up