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Cops came to my friends house saying he has been stealing and selling online wouldn't give more details what do we do he hasn't been caught They say they want him to come in and speak with them


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DamnScalper wrote (edited )

Ask if you're under arrest? If not, tell them where to go.

Cops aren't there to help you, which is why they are on a 'fishing expedition'; they're looking for reasons to fuck you over. There is no 'friendly chat' with cops, they use any info against you - all the friggin time.

Oh, and never speak to the police:


I suggest any lifter watch this, and absorb the knowledge.


sand wrote

probably lawyer up, quickly, if he can (get friends and family to help with costs if possible)

i hope someone here has experience and can help more... good luck to you both


gangshittttt wrote

delete this thread quickly it will be used as evidence against him


NeoliberalismKills wrote

Lawyer up and say nothing. Make the pigs prove everything. Not anymore info than sand but it needs to be said again.


J1534 wrote

Well... Id lawer up and then demand to see any evidence that proves you did it which the cops most likely will not be able to present. Let them take you to court and let them make fools of themselves when they can't provide any evidence it was you it's extremely hard to prove that it was you selling online and not somebody using your identity and information


J1534 wrote

Id ask to see their badges and be giving their badge number and if they refuse call 911 and report them as fake cops and if they still refuse to show their badges and give their badge numbers then you can most likely legally demand them off your property and even threaten with a gun but you gotta be certain that they are fake cops before resorting to the gun


Jeffking294 wrote

Ebay yes and a lot of stuff different stuff but mostly one thing always tried to stay off camera he says


[deleted] wrote


J1534 wrote

This comment sounds like it's coming from cop who else would be that obvious and ask about what he's selling