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HiddenAmongShadows wrote

This is stupid, there is no need to go to such lengths to hide your identity for shoplifting. Raddle will keep your ip safe, so will reddit. Also, law enforcement would almost never attempt to request an interstate search warrant for shoplifting (as they cant determine where you live unless they use the warrant to get your ip), let alone get it approved. Also if you contact a lawyer you could easily beat a case like this in court.

The only plausible way you can get tracked is through doxing, and that is a result of human error and no amount of ip tunnelling and encryption will protect you from that. If it makes you feel better or you're a serial bank robber then go ahead and use tor, though in actuality using the "" clear net access point will be just as effective.


SoYouLikeMEGA wrote

You're just re-iterating the good old "but i have nothing to hide so no to privacy" argument. It has nothing to do with law enforcement getting your IP.