[META] Rule 1 has got it wrong. There's nothing wrong with shoplifting as a whole, especially against large corporations

Submitted by Ant in Shoplifting (edited )

Here's some related reading on the topic:

Why I Love Shoplifting from big corporations

My thought is that it's preferable to have the rule still have a problem with moralizers or people spending time saying that things are bad, while leaving it an open question whether it is or isn't, instead of just assuming that it is

(as a separate point, rule 2 is already covered under content policy section of the w/terms_of_service for Raddle, which includes a fairly detailed set of discrimination issues
so it might be wortwhile just to remind them of that?)

Excited to learn more about shoplifting in this sub :)


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gangshittttt wrote

wanna change rule 1? it is just a copy from reddit's i got from the wayback machine. we can revise them and i agree with you.


Ant wrote

well yeah, that's what I'm hoping this post will do

only mods can change it though

to keep the format, you could say something like

Rule 1: Moralizing: Posts & Comments Reported as: Moralizing. Nobody wants to hear about how you think stealing is bad. Go debate in f/philosophy or something. Actually just keep it to yourself.