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J1534 wrote

Ok so when I shoplift I usually bring my backpack because I'm usually on the way home from work after I get off the bus anyways I've figured out that the clothing section itself at least in the mens cloths is not monitored and has a fake camerai take the items there to conceal but if the said item has a tag on it that would set off the alarm I simply put it in my backpack and buy something cheap which my go to item is the dirt cheap $0.97 speed stick deodorant and I make way to the restroom where it's illegal for stores to have cameras,once in the bsthroom in the biggest stall I get to work on removing the item from the box and start ripping the box up small enough to where it can be completely flushed within one or two flushes which won't alert if there are any my walmart has Lp from about 9am to around 7pm I usually lift early in the morning between 5:30am to 7:45am and anytime after 9pm because that's when I've noticed all the employees and managers are in the back dealing with trucks full of food and if there are any LP they'd be more concerned with watching the back room for employee theft which apparently is very high at walmart