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dele_ted wrote

Here's some litterature to enlighten you, if you actually want to learn:

The Conquest of Bread by Peter Kropotkin

Statism and Anarchy by Michail Bakunin

Anarchism and Other Essays by Emma Goldman

That should be a good start. Just pick the title you find most appealing.


DC2342 wrote

Ya I actually do, I've been reading what others have linked as well. Thank you.


dele_ted wrote (edited )

Fuck, good to see that attitude for once. Didn't expect that. I can recommend starting with The Conquest of Bread!


DC2342 wrote

Yes I've started it, and btw sorry for all the trolling, I like to trigger people.


dele_ted wrote

That's a little childish, and a waste of everyones time. You're lucky that you've appeared in the middle of all the /f/shoplifting chaos, otherwise you'd been banned on the spot.

Bullshit aside, I have a feeling you're actually a pretty nice guy. Looking forward to hear what you thought of the book.