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DC2342 wrote

So now that we have that out of the way, in anarchy how would your people solve the problem of an individual having nuclear weapon type power? For instance whats to stop me from taking over your entire system and holding you all hostage under the threat of blowing up your whole planet?


selver wrote

I don't believe in the sort of rigid system that could offer a specific context-independent answer. Coming up with solutions for imaginary problems in an imaginary utopia is antithetical to the kind of politics I'm interested in. Anarchists would solve that problem like they solve every other problem; direct action, mutual aid, an ethical commitment to the greatest possible freedom for others, opposition to authoritarianism, passionate resistance to all attempts at rulership, etc. It'd depend entirely on the specific context & culture, but hopefully would be stopped long before a nuclear weapon was even manufactured.


ziq wrote

Your people are already doing that to us, American.