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DC2342 wrote

Damn you made some good points, but still people shouldn't go around calling anarchy communism. Thank you for setting me straight with the capitalism syntax.


selver wrote (edited )

Whether you agree with communism or not, the majority of the first anarchists were communists (first few chapters of Conquest of Bread (1906) explains what anarchists mean by "anti-state communism"). It's completely ahistorical to say anarchists shouldn't call themselves anarcho-commmunists, it's always been one of the main branches of anarchism.

That being said, I tend to agree that anarchists shouldn't use the word when talking to non-anarchists. The USSR & China successfully changed the definition for 99% of people, if a world superpower steals a word, just let it go (and there are plenty of Marxists we'd do well to avoid being lumped in with too).