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wwymd wrote (edited )

Ha, I have been caught many of times. Never assume you're guilty until you have a significant reason too.

If it's at the register I simply 'breakdown' and tell them I have a problem and give back whatever I took (most of the time not all, especially what I came for). This hasn't let me down so far and has happened a dozen times.

I believe it's something about coming forthright when you know you're screwed that throws them off. In all fairness this has only happened at Walmart to me and the score was always one big item and a some random bullshit to sell the 'I have a problem' excuse.

If it's too late and you're walking out when buzzers go or just start singing showtimes and completely ignoring the door person. The have always been so thrown off they don't know how to handle the situation before you're already out the door.

I may not of been the best lifter but I made up for it by playing into human psychology when able