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gangshittttt wrote

if you are good you can manage to never get caught. ive made it 2 years and ive hit places like saks fifth avenue.


Coolguy48 wrote

Only been lifting a day so I've not been caught seeing I'm a teen I'm hoping they'll just take the shit from me and tell me to fuck off because a monster energy and a kit Kat doesn't seem like enough to go ape shit and call the police or some shit to me


Drshoplifter wrote

Pepper spray may be a smart thing to bring. I would practice running tho. Exercise and get really fast


DamnScalper wrote

Not caught yet, but will tell them to f off if they ask me to accompany them the the office.


wwymd wrote (edited )

Ha, I have been caught many of times. Never assume you're guilty until you have a significant reason too.

If it's at the register I simply 'breakdown' and tell them I have a problem and give back whatever I took (most of the time not all, especially what I came for). This hasn't let me down so far and has happened a dozen times.

I believe it's something about coming forthright when you know you're screwed that throws them off. In all fairness this has only happened at Walmart to me and the score was always one big item and a some random bullshit to sell the 'I have a problem' excuse.

If it's too late and you're walking out when buzzers go or just start singing showtimes and completely ignoring the door person. The have always been so thrown off they don't know how to handle the situation before you're already out the door.

I may not of been the best lifter but I made up for it by playing into human psychology when able


iconoclast wrote

The first and only time I've gotten caught so far was years ago the first time I ever tried lifting. I ran away once the LP turned their back to walk my friend and I to his office. Probably would've gotten away with it too if I hadn't parked in the store parking lot.


J1534 wrote

I'm still a novice of a shoplifter (only lifted 5-6 times and only about $200-$250 in total value) anyway I've only been lifting from my location walmart and have never been caught, the last time I went to lift which was over a month ago I was almost caught while I was bent over with my backpack open but played it off real smooth by pulling out my wallet saying that I was just getting out some cash in case I needed to make a purchase but other than that I haven't even remotely seen any employee following or watching me and I have figured out the lp situation and there's only one guy who sucks at his job because ive seen other people get away with lifting while the store is busy


DC2342 wrote

If they have you in a hold, Gouge their eyes out and run!