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J1534 wrote

Id say I'm still somewhat new of a shoplifter because I've only lifted about 4 times and every time I never lifted more than $30 and even then I've only been stealing things l I need or don't wanna pay for like earbuds or hygiene products and I did even manage to lift a six pack of BL. I didn't just walk into the store and steal I scoped it out and the sections I planned to lift from and figured out when the best times to lift were and determined that I could either go around 5am-7am weekday mornings or anytime after 8pm weekday evenings but I'm still learning how the staffing situation is there on the weekends because some weekends I'll see a lp officer standings near the self chechout but usually I don't and I'm not trying to get caughr because I will not allow a rent a cop to put his or her hands on me and am not afraid to hit them in self defense


Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

I never thought of shoplifting like this. I guess if you do it long enough you’ll eventually get caught.

The hardest to catch are thieves who use GOOD sleight of hand or people who conceal in a large blind spot, where I can’t follow on foot without being seen, some lp will take more risks than others if they don’t see concealment. Although most wont stop you without seeing you conceal, leave as little evidence as possible. I use a bag lined with cardboard so it doesn’t look full when I put things in it. I even stage things in the blind spots so they can’t even get selection on me when I grab it later.

Edit: and they WILL be fired or at least demoted to door greater if they make a bad stop. So they will NEED evidence to make them feel safe about stopping without observing concealment.