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sudo wrote

I don't know for sure, but I assume they would share the license plate number with other LP in the same region. Maybe they would contact the police department and ask them to "run the plate", and return your name and other personal information, which they might send to other LP as well. I'm not sure if a police department would comply with the second one, though. Again, this is all assumption, so take it with a grain of salt.


DontFuckWithTarget wrote

Maybe it’s just a scare tactic? I mean, if they got their shit back, I figure they just want to make sure that person and plate don’t come back. Which after that, why would they?


XefLP wrote

At my store we take plate pictures (+Make/Model/Color) for writing up Alerts for nearby stores, if you take again and we stop you we already have vehicle information. If you manage to get away again it makes it easier for us to give info to police when we have all that. We've gotten a recovery because a cop in a city 20+ minutes north of us recognized the car and plates we gave dispatch and pulled him over. We got all the merch and charged him with civil demand and all that.