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majicmazo wrote (edited )

I would be careful with this..As an associate at office depot I would tell you that you shouldn't assume it's so easy..I suppose it depends on location. First of all we have stores categorized as "low, medium, high shrink" if your at a low shrink store maybe it will be easy..Idk i never worked at a low shrink location but a high shrink store is a different story. First of all every single customer that walks in to the store is called out by our sales leader and an associate must respond to the call within seconds and approach the customer...If the customer is even the slightest bit suspicious we must stay with the customer and not leave their side, even if they tell us to...depending on the number of available associates we often must surround them and have another one at the door...if we don't have enough associates we call "bid patrol" which is essentially an army of renta cops that have the power to arrest, I have seen numerous people carried out in handcuffs for trying to steal..of course some people will get away with it but i certainly wouldn't brush it off here as easy..someone will read this and go to a high shrink store the will end up in jail. Oh also we do have loss prevention, they are not always there but when they are they are in plain clothing and generally people think they are customers.


sudo OP moderator wrote (edited )

Thanks. I'll update the wiki to reflect this.

Edit: By the way, what is the chase/ban/prosecute policy for Office Depot? Meaning, will LP chase shoplifters out into the parking lot to apprehend them, will they ban them from the store, and will they press charges against shoplifters? (I'm guessing the answer is yes to all 3, based on your response, but it's best not to assume.)