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ziq wrote

65 upvotes lmao


Cheeks wrote

This is some bootlicker golden comedy!


CaptainACAB wrote

Yeah, it’s pretty rigged, [..] but there are meaningful victories we can gain through it.

How do they not see the inherent contradiction here?

If you don’t vote, or you don’t do make even a MINISCULE FUCKING EFFORT to get better representatives elected, you’re throwing a shit-ton of vulnerable people under the bus. Long-term, yes, we want no more government. Short-term, we can make life easier for those the regime is hardest on.

Yuppies will still put spikes on benches so they won't have to look at the homeless under a Sanders presidency. The only difference is that they won't have to pay to see a doctor or they'll get the college debt forgiven. And it's not like our imperial efforts would stop if we somehow get someone with lukewarm socialist ideology into office; and if they're the only person in government with those beliefs, they'll have to get through a lot of bureaucracy to make even the tiniest change. And it's not like the popular vote means anything, so my vote doesn't matter.


CaptainACAB wrote

Without a doubt. It's a testament to the uselessness of voting when the one person in a political party that has different politics is also the least likely to win. I enjoy having the choice of choosing between different masters with slight variations on what they'd do while in power.