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KacperTheAnarchist wrote

Just like FB, people are trapped on Reddit because all their groups established themselves on the site. The monopoly allows those companies to control people's thoughts. I wouldn't be surprised if the upvote system turned out to be bot-ted.


selver wrote (edited )

Good? I don't want platforms run by right-wingers and liberals deciding what appropriate content is.

But they don't exactly have a "a light-touch moderation policy" anymore. They've banned all kinds of shit lately. Free speech for Nazis, but not for sex workers or drug users.


leftous wrote

Not to mention Raddle was founded due to the fact Reddit was banning leftist speech, yet protecting Nazis.

Now /r/stopadvertising has shown how reddit is actively subsidizing pro-genocide and hatefully violent rhetoric, yet they're willing to take down entire communities for saying "bash the fash".


selver wrote (edited )

Yeah. I really don't like the new SJW-liberal trend where people are upset that Twitter & the like aren't banning people.

I really think a crackdown on the internet is coming soon. Between fake news & the facebook bullshit, russia gate, banning Nazis, and SESTA/FOSTA, a whole bunch of powerful groups across the political spectrum are positioning themselves to ask for more official control of the internet.