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existential1 wrote

This sub hurts my head. I'm particularly urked by the meme about dogs not liking vegan meat. Which...the fuufuu dogs i know that get their food only from deli counters (meat) will eat the vegan meat i make no question. Its happened like 4x in the last year. Idk what kinda shit they are using for these unethical experiments but clearly it's trash that nobody should eat, dogs included.


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

The sad part is that veganism isn't even hard to criticize. They are just coping so hard and are so speciesism they can't think of any arguments.


MountainMan wrote (edited )

I'm not a vegan, but what are some criticisms against veganism? I'm not a vegan because I'm basically just lazy, not because I disagree with their positions. At first thought, I would oppose the exploitation of animals.


wednesday wrote (edited )

veganism can be justified as a reaction to modern industrial food production, and to the agricultural practise of creating animals for slaughter, but not as the vegan realist position that many liberal vegans like to take; consuming meat is a state of nature, and a fundamental part of Gaia's lifecycle that we should celebrate in the same way we celebrate people being eaten by bears. to judge meat consumption as inherently authoritarian is a colonialist analysis that applies western morality to all of humanity, and can never be an anarchist position.


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

I've gone over this with other people a lot of people. Browse vegan and search for it.