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KacperTheAnarchist wrote

The exitstence of the Labour party is to quell radical thought. It is an opportunity for the rich to 'give up' a few of their privledges which is called 'reform' if people start to disobey. Their existence is completely unecessary now as the there is no meaningful resistance. The Tories, the true face of the rich can now rule explicitly, unchallenged. The only resistance they will get is a cute peaceful protest.


nbdy wrote (edited )

I’m so frustrated with hearing people say “voting helps marginalized people” without anything to back it up. As far as I’ve seen the pigs are still shooting no matter who’s in power. The pipelines are still being built no matter who’s in power. Where I’m from any government is a colonial one. It exhausting as fuck to hear people call themselves anarchists and then in the same beath talk about state power being useful even with all their caveats.


BrowseDuringClass1917 wrote (edited )

I, for one, absolutely used r/anarchism to soften the image of MLism during my ‘rigid’ ML days. Although I was always quite open with critiquing those states because I could never be disingenous with my views to try and push a specific perspective.

But this is something that anarchists should definitely be aware of. Many MLs and ML adjacent people use anarchist webspaces and spread their views unintentionally or intentionally in a way to bring people closer to MLism.


confundus wrote

It's interesting that the anarchists on Reddit like to parrot a lot of the same talking points you hear from tankies defending China, Cuba, Venezuela, USSR, etc. "It's all just lies pushed by the Western news!!" Okay, we can agree, news sources have bias and definitely push false narratives but one needs to look at things critically and particularly when there are independent reports coming from several people, kind of like Emma and Alexander when they visited the USSR and found it was nothing like what the state machinery was telling those outside, one should approach with even more caution.

Plus a firebombing a politicians car will always be more effective than voting against them.