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ziq OP wrote

Maxime Bernier

Maxime Bernier is a Canadian businessman, lawyer and politician, currently serving as Member of Parliament for the Quebec riding of Beauce, having been elected four times with a majority of the vote


Splinglebot wrote

I should know by now not to read youtube comments sections

one of the common problems with socialism and anarchism, is that both eventually either run out of steam or devolve into an oligarchy. The reason is on those who do not work. A solution for the problem is to reward those who do better with more decision making capabilities. By adding motivation people will want to work and less do nothing.

"I will prevent oligarchy from forming by issuing rewards (because apparently I'm in a position of authority with the power to do that) and granting privileges to a select few" fucking hell


SomeIconoclast wrote

Anarchism isn't what you think it is. Being actions like looting and rioting.

Those are literally the coolest parts of anarchism, though. I also like how the brief video footage afterwards focus on riot cops charging at people.

Anarchism can be boiled down to the abolition of unjustified hierarchies

Chomsky should've stuck to just criticizing structures of power. He shouldn't have defined anarchism the way he did.

Some stuff that I can actually agree with


For socialism and direct democracy

I knew it wouldn't last long, fuck. The rest of the video seems to go on to describe various terms. It honestly wouldn't a bad introduction video if it weren't for the whole "justified hierarchy" thing.


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Look, at least IAmRoot has the decency to label themselves a Libertarian Socialist instead of an Anarchist so that they're only half-lying. Reforming the domestic strong-arm of the state to hunt down and punish political dissidents sounds like something tankie could get behind, so that's a bit unsettling.


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Reading this has pained me on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. This isn't your everyday liberalism; I realized that when they started talking about how not drinking Nazi coffee was a slippery slope into having to stop reading Kant or some shit (can you imagine a liberal having personal integrity or not pouring all of their personal time into reading the philosophical ramblings of guys that have been dead for so long that they're considered figures of history? I can't.), this is the apex of liberalism; it's what liberals everywhere aspire to be. Thank you, ziq, for this masterpiece.


Alex wrote

the only interesting threads there are when someone says something “heretical,” for lack of a better term, and Redditors get all hurt. like i recognize i have stuff to get past in myself, but they don’t even realize it at all.

anyway i thought this was a good comment. i can’t believe there’s anarchists still holding on to logic and reason as if those things aren’t as wishy-washy as “common sense.”


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i only recently learned how messed up xr is (thanks stim) but this is seriously disturbing. you don't "face" depression like it's some thing you can logic your way out of. if you are at risk of getting put in solitary and are suffering from depression then the correct action is fucking litigation