Liberal pleading to be unbanned from r/socialism for copfucking "you are essentially banning Bernie Sanders. Real smart."

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is this a joke...

Umm, what was I banned for ? That's...really bad.


No, its not a joke. You were banned for the following comments:

They don't seem to understand that we have 300 million guns in this country...for one thing. And blindly hating the police is silly. Police exist in socialism as well.

We have 300 million guns in the country, most in the entire world. Almost 1 gun per person if you average it out. The police therefore must carry a weapon while other countries don't have that problem. Until we fix the gun issue...the police issue is not going to be fixed either. It is a problem no other country has at this rate. Not even close. Even w 0 racism still have 300 million guns and white people shooting at them too, a gun escalates every situation on the other side too, causes stress and then they yell more esp at black and brown kids. But the gun issue is at the heart, racism is not even the biggest police problem in this country. Based on personality tests about 15-20% of people would make a good police officer, and legitimately want to help people. They aren't all hideous monsters. Add in 300 million guns, and that is the heart of the issue.

Socialism has nothing to do with guns ? You have 300 millions guns, we need to get rid of the 300 million guns, in order to have a police force with no guns. The posts here are very misguided and quite frankly juvenile on this. I would support a socialistic society...with 0 guns for citizens. (And police.). But if you have 300 million guns .the police must also have guns, otherwise more people would die. No police to shoot distract the crazy shooter. (Many of which are white...)


Yes, I know the comment I posted ..I wrote it. What precisely warrants a ban ?


Police apologia, a liberal conception of police as an insitution...


Ok...there is a difference between defending the police...and calling the police "pigs". How do you allow all those posts and not mine ? If the default thought on your site is to call the police "pigs"...then you are running a nonsensical site, that cannot be taken seriously. It makes socialism look bad. You might want to rethink that. I propose you unban me, and actually allow proper discourse...otherwise .. I would have to let others know about this behavior. Forcing every person to agree with calling the police "pigs" is nonsense. And also has 0 to do with socialism. I would like to be able to post on occasion, and I should not be banned. (The only two sites I have been banned from were "student loans" and "law school" because I spoke truth to power about the problems with each industry, that others were not speaking about ...and they still allowed me to post for 4-8 weeks and gave warnings first. I have never been banned by any sub on Reddit, so quickly.). So ..I urge you to reconsider for your sub.


I propose you unban me

You are clearly a liberal, so that's going to be a no.

otherwise .. I would have to let others know about this behavior.

Oh no! People will now know socialists are opposed to the group responsible of protecting the bourgeoise against the interests of the working class! We are doomed!



Wow, you are assuming I am a "liberal" which is completely wrong. No wonder you blindly ban people. You would ban Bernie Sanders from your own sub. (I match up with him 92%, more than any candidate, and am a progressive, and support socialism.) You are letting nonsensical juvenile views on the police, calling them "pigs" ruin your sub of any merit. and now...I have to tell everyone the sub is run in a juvenile way and cannot be taken seriously. You are hurting socialism with nonsense...

Not every cop is a cop because they want to hurt poor people. About 15-20% of people according to personality tests, simply like to help and "protect" people, and make good cops. You are allowing your group to assume that 100% of a group of 20% of the entire worlds population are "pigs". It is asinine, and wrong. Ban me, you are essentially banning Bernie Sanders. Real smart.

Again, please reconsider or I will have to label your sub as quite poor.

(the link you show just shows cops "doing their job" that is why ..they have the job. People that are not very smart and just do their jobs, this is like 20% of the population. Many of them are nice people who work in small towns, who never hurt a single person, ever. ) To label all cops as "pigs" is juvenile and makes your sub look bad. and shows a basic lack of understanding of human dynamics as well.


Yeah, we would ban Bernie because he is a democrat. This is a socialist sub. More welfare funded by exporting death and destruction across the world is not what we have in mind when we say “socialism”

If Bernie is what you think of as a socialist then I suggest you do further reading. This is a Marxist subreddit.


If your take from that link is that it’s just cops just doing their job and that’s okay I suggest you read it again because you missed some key messages


*their job then I suggest


Actually, he is an Independent. So..wrong again. (and a Democratic Socialist or Social Democrat.) If you think even Bernie is your enemy...than you are not going to be very successful unfortunately.

Also, from a left leaning reference guide itself, pointing out exactly what I am saying. going too far into police hate is not productive to socialism, and is not even about socialism.

"Finally, at the other end of the spectrum we have what can be described as the "radical democratic" critiques of the police. These people, often based on street youth and its life style lead a "single issue" type of campaign against the cops which can only lead to two dead-ends: either the struggle for some kind of police reform and an illusory "community control" of the police or the more "left" case of isolated street confrontations with the cops, an understandable but sterile activity because devoid of general class struggle content and mass leverage."

3rd. The sub is called "Socialism" not "Marxism". If you only want to espouse Marxist views solely, and/or ONLY hateful police views (which is not even productive, as stated above) have labeled the sub incorrectly.

"Socialists can be pro- or anti-market. They may consider the ultimate goal to be revolution and the abolition of social classes, or they may seek more pragmatic outcomes: universal healthcare, for example, or a universal pension scheme. Social Security is a socialist policy that has been adopted in the unabashedly capitalist United States (as are the eight-hour working day, free public education and arguably universal suffrage). Socialists may run for election, forming coalitions with non-socialist parties, as they do in Europe, or they may govern as authoritarians, as the Chavista regime does in Venezuela."

Hating the police and calling them "pigs" is not a prerequisite of Socialism. You are moderating the sub with the most extreme view and trying to force others to only espouse that view, or they get banned (?). Which is...not even productive nor even accurate.

I hope you guys figure it out, but...right now it makes your sub look silly, and juvenile. And banning me have not accomplished whatever it is you are trying to accomplish.


  1. Not for presidency. But even if this wasn't the case, he's still running with a neoliberal, imperialist and murderous party, the Democratic Party.

  2. I'm not sure wether I should or should not take you serious when you are claiming the opposition to the armed force of the bourgeoise, an inherently reactionary institution which protects the status quo against changes in benefit of the proletariat.

  3. r/Socialism is a community for socialists (not only marxists regardless of what was said), which EXCLUDES SOCIAL DEMOCRATS, as Social Democracy is a liberal ideological tendency which ends in nothing but popular frustation, further empowering the passive revolution Gramsci talks about.

  4. Regards that link which described social democratic policies as socialism... I encourage you to check out the educational materials (which include several tendencies) in our sidebar. This is not a place for whom thinks that social security "is socialism" (spoiler: its not). And I'm not even going to get started on the anti-Venezuela bullshit given that its some neoliberal bullshit instead of a libertarian analysis.


The Batman Forever Soundtrack (1995) is more socialist than you.


You seem angry. And your moderation of the sub is ..not good. Anyway, good luck. Banning people sympathetic to your really good.



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