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rutabaga wrote (edited )

Capitalism has a lot of problems, sure. But I think it provides a valve for letting off steam, for sublimating the impulses that drive groups of people to make war with other groups of people.

oh, honey...

Edit: also:

I get into lizard-brain shopping loops myself. I’ll think about buying something, a new camera, say. I’ll read reviews of the camera online. I’ll look at YouTube videos about the camera. I’ll compare prices for the camera.

I’ll know I don’t need that camera — $1,000? Are you kidding me? — but all that idle shopping will have caused a change in my hypothalamus. The prospect of not possessing that camera will make me feel physically ill...

And that's a good thing?


________deleted wrote (edited )

It's a good thing if you're looking at capitalism as a cure to revolution. It has a way of battering you into submission by removing your will to live.


TheNewKing wrote (edited )

This can't be serious. If they are serious they have no self-awareness at all.


SpiritOfTito wrote (edited )

The ideology these people are living and breathing is a spectacle to behold. Its like the more they're challeneged on this bullshit system of private property and the profit motive of capital accumulation the more they scream in desperate tones "the free market cures all ills" in some kind of bizarre mantra where they no longer even believe it but our entire world system is built on it so they feel compelled to play their part.

They know that capitalism as a system is failing the people of the planet. Yet here they are 3 feet into the trashcan of ideology, eating what scraps they can.


ziq wrote

Mmmm free market refuse... So much of it, yet somehow I'm so empty afterwards.


sudo wrote

I want my money back. I know I didn't pay anything, but I still want it back.