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Erisian wrote

These people are stuck in a loop. I ask where the justification comes from and they stumble around on their words before saying: THE PEOPLE! You ask them who 'the people' are and they think you're a reactionary.


ziq OP wrote

They're unironically declaring the police a "justified hierarchy" now. I officially renounce anarchism.


ziq OP wrote

copfucking motherfuckers


SomeIconoclast wrote

Look, at least IAmRoot has the decency to label themselves a Libertarian Socialist instead of an Anarchist so that they're only half-lying. Reforming the domestic strong-arm of the state to hunt down and punish political dissidents sounds like something tankie could get behind, so that's a bit unsettling.


Dumai wrote

tfw when you can't even find a way to say "violence against fascists is a good thing" without legitimating the police force