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To be fair, there is a rough analog on the other side of the political spectrum, even if it seems, anecdotally, relatively muted. More than a few readers wrote to say this all made them thankful they merely had to contend with Dem-Boomer family who had gone mad for Maddow and Russiagate. “My grandma is a huge Maddow person and operates the same way as Fox News brained people,” one wrote me. “The signaling she gets and reiterates from MSNBC happens in the same sort of ‘brain rot’ way. Like, she heard something on there, or on Facebook, that was about how Trump is about to get impeached — and every day I talk to her and she repeats that.”

I'm not sure what's more hilarious, that they call liberals "the other side of the political spectrum" or that they compare liberals obsession with russia/trump to conservatives growing more hateful, angry and scared of the "others"

murikkka, fuck yeah!

oh yeah, this is from http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/04/i-gathered-stories-of-people-transformed-by-fox-news.html? which /u/ziq shared



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