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Emeryael wrote

Given the shit the CIA has done pretty much from Day One of its existence, no one involved with it has any right to claim the moral high ground.

Though I tell people, regarding the CIA, that whether they are good or bad at their job depends on how you define their job. If you define their job as "gathering intelligence about events going on in the world," then they are really, really terrible at it. The CIA has been consistently caught off-guard by just about every major historical event since its founding.

If you define their job as "staging coups, ensuring that the people we like, however ruthless a despot they may be, stay in power, while the people we don't like, even if they represent the popular will of their country, don't," then, well, that's pretty much the only thing the CIA is good at. Granted, so far every coup has resulted in massive blowback, but again, if the US government wants to overthrow someone, they call in the CIA.


ziq wrote

Liberals do something half-decent.

Murderer tyrant complains.

Liberals undo it.

...Sounds about right.