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happy wrote (edited )

I liked he comment about Stirner‘s philosophy being garbage, compared him to Ayn Rand, and then told the internet to read Marx.

Marx‘s philosophy aside, why recommend him to someone who isnt used to reading theory? Capital is a nightmare to read for most people.

Also just checked out Saidit, wow looks like garbage. I dont want to waste my time reading low effort posts by enlightened centrists and arguing about stuff where someone is obviously wrong.


hasbrochem wrote

People who tend to complain about 'racism' from the left are usually white, male, and actual racists. Ironically, the left is also filled with white males who are racist, but have deluded themselves into believing they aren't because they don't lean to the right heavily. Tolerate gays, support immigration, but still harbor racial biases towards non whites. It will never not sound silly to complain about the left because of those facts.

some excellent points.

Don't forget the most popular forum there, "Shoplifting".

The worst crime a man can commit, shoplifting.

fucking hilarious, peeps on r/piracy complaining about shoplifters and how they're horrible. cracked my shit up.

also, pleaz don't dwnvt or shame me for...being a garbage human being that can't see past my own privilege:

I would just like to be able to talk like a normal person without being instantly characterised as some cartoon villain in most people's minds for using a simple adjective, but that's difficult in the current climate. I use both the term 'leftist' and 'right-winger' in my comment but there really is no winning if you don't entirely pledge your intellectual and political consciousness to one monolithic collective.

yes, that monolithic collective of being a decent fucking human being and not complete fucking garbage. very challenging. these days.


ziq OP wrote (edited )

peeps on r/piracy complaining about shoplifters

They've convinced themselves pirating media isn't stealing but shoplifting is, it's kinda interesting that people would be theft snobs.,