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sudo wrote

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Communists like all those things, too, except for free markets.

For free speech and free press, we have nothing against this, but we hold freedom from harm in a much higher regard. So, if your speech would bring about harm to someone else (like, for example, calling them a racial slur, or inciting others to hurt them, when they have done nothing wrong), then you should not be allowed to say those things. Otherwise, say whatever you want.

We are against free markets for many of the same reasons we are against capitalism. For one, free markets do not guarantee that what is produced is needed or desired, or what that is needed or desired is produced. Secondly, free markets naturally evolve into monopolies. A planned economy is much better, because it guarantees that the people's needs are met, and that production proceeds efficiently.

Everything else you mentioned we have no problem with, and many of them we strongly encourage.


Understand wrote

How does a planned economy exist without a State?


sudo wrote

The state is not the same as the government. The state is defined as the organs of government that are used to ensure the domination of one class over another (things like the police, courts, prisons, etc). Weird definition, I know. Under communism, those things would not exist, because there would be no more classes (everyone would be the same class, so distinctions no longer exist). A planned economy doesn't reinforce class domination, so it could (and I imagine would) still exist.