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ziq OP wrote (edited )

Full context:


Basically, I aim to be a socialist without being an SJW

Because they only attack white racism, which don't get me wrong is a problem. However, they sweep under the rug the blatant racism of many black communities.

I'm talking Malcolm X type racism. I know most blacks aren't racist but there are certain blacks that seem stuck up and have a genuine dislike towards whites. I'm just against identity politics black and white.

I agree whites treated blacks like shit back then, however I disagree with many Black activist now days. Instead of wanting peace those black activist want to be separate and have nothing to do with whites. Kind of like being in an hbcu for life. They don't want to have anything to do with white people actively trying to come to their aid

It's not over, I just said both sides should be criticized for the racism they spout.

If you are refusing to talk to me based on my race, your a dick. Partly because most of these black secessionists are living of welfare funded by the taxes of the whites they hate.


ziq OP wrote

Oh, and they somehow think they're an anarchist too:

Anarchy is when the people or the majority have the power not just a few elite.

Anarchy still has government it's just very small or a nightwatcher state. You have to do something if someone is hurting others.


F_x wrote

He's also 14


existential1 wrote

Just read it all from the original thread. That person either has a lot of reading to do, or will be eventually welcomed into some reactionary "socialist" group.


alex wrote

Basically, I aim to be a socialist without being an SJW

my coworker loves CTH and this is literally him. i keep trying to move him away from that type of bullshit.


ziq OP wrote

That show breeds shit politics.


neverinNJ wrote (edited )

Brother Malcolm near the end of his life was not the same person. A read of his Autobiography shows that. But seems that was not taken in consideration in the original post.