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buzz wrote

  • I mean shitty posts as in fashy posts.
  • I am only suggesting this in the context of postmill, and not that of raddle per-say, as a means for communities from facebook, discord, and other not nice places to have better options, that use a vetting system.
  • I agree with you that Raddle does have a high barrier of entry naturally and that is good
  • as we are speaking hypothetically, your speculation of its nature is valid, [some text here that speaks to my idea of questions as not really one-sided, or the issue of one-sidedness not being an issue when it comes to fundamentals that might concern a group]

I am an anti-capitalist (except I am kinda fine with market-socialism to an extent xaxa). I really haven't solidified on a certain school of thought, and I think there are different approaches that need to be taken within different contexts to achieve liberation.


Fossidarity wrote

Fashy posts are against the ToS so that shouldn't be a problem.