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F_x wrote

Raddle should have a questionnaire and if the admins are alright with your answers you get to be on raddle. The entire site should be private, only members can read. Raddle should also have it's own economy, need to spend some points to be able to post, upvote, downvote etc. Users cannot talk with admins directly, that is moderators' job to represent the users of their forum. /s


ziq OP wrote

  1. Is Bernie Sanders a revolutionary?

  2. Do you think racism against white people is a real concern in today's society?

  3. Does free speech equal liberty?

  4. Do you plan to buy a Tesla car?

  5. All cops are bastards. Agree or disagree?

  6. "Mayocide can't come soon enough". How do you feel after reading this sentence?

  7. How much do you hate those pesky sjws?

  8. Did you think Ghostbusters 2016 was a travesty?

  9. Are women ruining videogames?

  10. Antifa is the real fa, right?


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

  1. Can white people wear dreads?

  2. Are you "color blind" about races?

  3. What will your anarchist state look like?

  4. Fascism is like when voldemort kills muggles, right?

  5. Is being vegan anarchist praxis?


ziq OP wrote

  1. What's the best way to kill all the meat eaters during an anarchist revolution?

  2. When members of the communist party rape people, it's counter-revolutionary to talk about it, right?

  3. What does boot taste like?

  4. Lenin tried his very best to safeguard the revolution by massacring sex workers, anarchists and socialists, and anyone that says otherwise is spreading rightist leftcom propaganda. Agree?

  5. What are some of the justifications for Stalin killing gay people?


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

  1. Is liking anime cultural appropriation?

  2. is not liking anime racist?

  3. Can black people do whiteface?

  4. How will geo-engineering save the planet?

  5. Anarchism is like mad max, agree?

  6. What does the anarchist uniform look like?

  7. Do we need to find the middle ground?

  8. Being anti-racist alienates the working class, yes/no?

  9. Is shoplifting anarchist praxis?

  10. Buying organic will save the environment, right?


ziq OP wrote

  1. Should we shun and exile artists who draw cat ears on their characters?

  2. How cool was it when Elon announced he's a post-scarcity anarchist, just like us??

  3. In a moneyless comnunist society, how will we make women have sex with us?

  4. "Excuse me, but hebejebephilia is the correct term for those who prefer having physical relations with 13 yr olds, not pedophilia. Get it right!" Have you ever said this?

  5. The age of consent is oppressive and we must strive to defeat it in order to achieve liberty. Agree?


Fossidarity wrote (edited )

  1. Your opinion only counts when you vote. Agree?

  2. The police institution only exist to protect us right?

  3. How many genders are there?

  4. Is it okay to beat your wife when you say you're a feminist?


f1r3gr3n4d3 wrote

  1. Just a thought, do you think we should eliminate bad genes?

  2. Can you still be transphobic when gender doesn't exist? Discuss.

  3. Since tor has it's issues, have you ever considered using Brave Browser?

  4. People are outfitting their condos with solar panels. Why don't keyboard warriors do that too?


conseil wrote

The answer to 8 is Yes but only because most Hollywood films suck.


[deleted] wrote


ziq OP wrote

isn't that what mods are for?


[deleted] wrote (edited )


ziq OP wrote (edited )

Raddle already has an extremely high barrier of entry just because of how eloquent, thoughtful and well-read its users are; making most newcomers too intimidated to join in. That's the praxis version of an entry barrier - set high standards with a high level of discourse. Then the right people will work to improve their politics (and their personality) before participating much.

Making people take an exam before they can get in is just gatekeeping and assumes there's only one 'correct' answer to questions; which is incredibly short-sighted.


Also, raddle moderators aren't here to remove 'shitty posts' - just commercial spam and other terms of service violations. The users downvote shitty posts for quality control. Just click /controversial if you want to see a sea of shit.

What are you politics, out of curiosity?


F_x wrote


  1. As ziq pointed out, mods are there for that.

  2. People that want to learn won't be able to access because they won't know how to answer.

  3. You can have a private channel on matrix.


A better registration system for raddle would be nice and fix the bots and shitty users problem. Limiting comments and votes like the already existing limit on thread until one gets approved.