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alex_ wrote

i’ve never figured out who’s behind rationalwiki so i’ve always seen it as suspicious


boringskip wrote (edited )

it's good for some stuff, not everything. i use it to dispel a lot of gmo and anti-science fearmongering, and general conspiracies and weird reactionary groups


ziq wrote (edited )

from rationalwiki:

/r/Anarchism Edgy kids who spend most of their time enjoying stories of police officers being attacked/killed for being "fascists".[49] They see no contradictions between advocating for the death of "fascists" and simultaneously defending vegetarianism because of the goodness of all life.[50] Has a reputation for being extremely overdramatic and incapable of handling views that deviate virtually at all from their own.[51] This has effectively scared off many of the more reasonable posters and left behind only the most extreme posters. While they can talk a big game it is increasingly just nihilism and misanthropy hiding behind anarchism. Some users got tired of the constant "edginess" and founded /r/leftwithoutedge for a place to discuss leftist politics without constant bloodthirst. In retaliatiation the worst parts of /r/anarchism founded /r/leftwithsharpedge (see below).

even the best satirist couldn't make this shit up

oh and btw, the absolute worst parts of r/anarchism founded too