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"any time i pop in to a discussion about rent cost and min wage i get alot of hate. I live in a town of 60k population i have a baller ass house 3 bed 2 bath cost me 100k my monthly payment is 550. my neighbor lives in a 2 bedroom house 600 per month rent. Whenever i say this to people that say median rent is 1200 dollars for an apartment they get really mad. wtf is the deal. that arguement sounds alien as fuck to me and im not sympathetic to people who refuse to live somewhere where their earning power matches the cost of living.

I have no degree I make between 30k and 35k a year driving a forklift in a warehouse and i live very comfortably on that. why does that make people mad"


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PerfectSociety wrote

This was my response to the post which I wrote in the comments section:

"The reason you get a lot of hate is probably because you neither understand nor attempt to understand why they actually live in places they have a hard time affording. Instead of being charitable and seeing if there might actually be a legitimate reason, you are assuming it's because they just don't know how to make good choices for themselves/are irresponsible.

The reason why people live in expensive cities, is because that's where a lot of the jobs are. Most people have to live in close proximity to where they work, so if most of the jobs are in expensive cities, then that's the area they'll have to live in.

This isn't that hard to figure out, so the fact that you find it so perplexing makes me suspect that you've never put much thought into figuring it out yourself."