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Submitted by PerfectSociety in ShitLiberalsSay

From the post:

"In a true free market not only would there be free capital with no restrictions, but also free labor meaning any worker can unionize with other workers without restriction. This would greatly empower them more than any communist system ever could since in communism they would only ever be slaves to the state or commune or whatever their religion mandates of them.

Also I believe communism to be hypocritical in claiming to be atheist or anti-religion yet treating its own beliefs like a religion in and of itself with all of its personality cults and utopian ideals and all its other batshit crazy beliefs and anti-intellectualism. Basically communism is a religion just as nonsensical as christianity or mythological as something like nationalism/tribalism, which is just another reason to not like it on top of it not actually helping the worker and just flat out not working."

tl;dr - Another liberal who thinks he/she doesn't have an ideology and only others do.


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