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amongstclouds wrote

'Left unity' is code word for I don't care about your personal struggles, but you should totally agree with mine because of something-something greater good blah blah blah progress yadda yadda moral high ground.


Dumai wrote

But knowledge == information!

Marxists have no counter-point because they're held up on an old dead white guy who didn't know what a computer was, or how it might change a person's relation to the means of production, or the world around them.

the more i read about anarcho-transhumanism the harder it is to distinguish it from neoliberalism


[deleted] wrote (edited )


Dumai wrote

anybody who notices that privileging the information economy as the solution to social stratification is exactly what neoliberals do, well, they're just a gross primmie


BlackFlagged wrote

Has anyone who preaches about 'left unity' ever not been an authoritarian trying to control the people they're lecturing?


Emery wrote (edited )

Why can't we have left unity?

Look in a mirror.


ConquestOfToast wrote

Alright well this is it. I'm abandoning anarcho-transhumanism, it's truly not worth to have dipshits like this vomiting bullshit all the time. I'll have to find a new moniker.


SenorMeltyface wrote

I mean a digital hivemind sounds cool as long as it isn't, y'know, an actual hivemind. But this ledditor probably doesn't think that.


Dumai wrote

a digital hivemind might sound cool if you don't know the first thing about the philosophy of the mind


jadedctrl wrote

Nobody cares about your computer fetish, nerd.