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WhereIsMyFreeStuff wrote

Sweet, I guess I'll be going to the bank tomorrow to get my loan for Harvard, which they will absolutely give me because of capitalism.

I'll pay them back once I have inevitably risen to the top and all the filthy peasants choose to buy the products of their labour from me.


zombie_berkman wrote

people are fucking off their rocker. i was saying that my rent has doubled in the 5 or so years ive been here so liberals logical train of thought is just buy a house. i pointed out that i JUST finished paying my loan and they could pay my downpayment and got this gem:

"So... you can come up with many ways to fund the down payment with other peoples money eg) seller financed 2nd, credit card with a balance transfer, 2nd loan, line of credit, raising money from private investors then paying them off plus interest - then - refinance after 6-18 months into the banks portfolio

Or just get a FHA loan and put 3.5% down. "

i want to live in this liberal wonderland