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_ziq_ wrote

What does that guy have against teenagers? He uses that as an all-purpose insult.


ziq wrote

I can't believe they're calling you a homophobe for saying you're queer.


Defasher wrote

He deliberately left that part out of his screenshot so he could accuse me of being a homophobe, and his fellow neolibs lap it up.


DissidentRage wrote

In the liberal mind, shallow observances allow you to extrapolate a whole set of otherwise unknowable data. In this case using a word that could be used as a slur 100% counts as being used as a slur in a given instance, regardless of context, which makes you a homophobe.


not_AFX_lol wrote

Ah, yes, so when Kendrick Lamar and other black rappers use the n-word they are actually betraying their deep-seated racism

That Makes Sense To Me



DissidentRage wrote (edited )

Being a teenager may increase the likelihood that the person in question is not informed enough to know what they're talking about, but that doesn't necessarily preclude someone from being right about something. This is fallacious logic.

But aside from that it's also just fuckin' wrong. I'm a 30-something senior web software engineer. I would be the ideal liberal STEM lord - white, straight male with an above average salary in IT - except my experience is rooted in growing up in relative poverty, being kicked a few times while I'm down, and seeing it happen to countless others, not wishing it happen to anyone else rather than wanting to be the one wearing the boot.

They can take their shallow stereotyping and ableist slurs somewhere else.

Also lol @ "everyone left of me is an eeplox sock" once again making its appearance.


amongstclouds wrote

This is why we shouldn't worry about reddit. The only effort to be directed at reddit is spamming links to raddle.


________deleted wrote (edited )

So PK is openly a neoliberal now? Hanging out with that pos br00ce and helping him spread imperialist propaganda?


BlackFlagged wrote

It's always been pretty open, he's just used different words to describe his liberalism. Like 'anarchist'.

For example:

"I'm an anarchist. Please stop badmouthing the US military."

"I'm an anarchist. Please stop badmouthing police officers. They're not all bad."


zod wrote

"I'm an anarchist and there was nothing Kropotkin hated more than being called Prince, so I'm calling myself Prince_Kropotkin. Oh, and I'm going to mollest teenagers."


mikesum32 wrote

A 30-something with serious emotional issues checking in!