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jorgesumle wrote

That's Spanish totalitarians! You can see their fasces and their crown in that picture. Their symbols are a _ _, and they are proud about being like _. The state encourages that slave spirit, but they are fortunately not very popular. Consummerism is far more popular in Spain.

I have to censor my speech a bit because I live in Spain and there is a law for those that speak against the monarchy or the police.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Thanks for the background.

That's quite troubling about the censoring - do you have no way around it?

Fasces = Fascist + Feces + Faces?


jorgesumle wrote

do you have no way around it?

I use Tor. But I try not to insult the monarchy "directly" just in case. However, I can insult the British monarchy legally.

I cannot insult the monarchy in public, that's for sure, here is the law:

As you can read in that Wikipedia article above, this has been applied, so I should only insult the monarchy so long as I'm anonnymous.