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PainlessEphemera wrote (edited )

“We need to save all good (read religious) people by fighting against PC liberals and win the War on Christmas.”

If people don’t want to say “Merry Christmas” why should we attack them and call it evil?

Another gem:

“Impeach Obama! He’s a Kenyan from Africa!”

...I agree that Obama is bad, but you seem to oppose him because he’s black. I think you might be a bit racist.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


Naokotani wrote

Weed should be illegal. Thats a good one. Former you should try stand up.


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

My younger self tended to fall more into the trap that if we gather the right facts, present them in the right way, then by golly they'll listen and consider what we have to say. Also my younger self tended to be like, "See Liberal Program X would actually save everyone money. Once they see that, they'll be more on board with it."

It took a while to accept that A) maybe that group already knows your facts and doesn't care, B) maybe they don't know your facts, but they've already decided, and as such, they don't care, or C) For some people, no price is too high to pay to screw over the poor. It takes a while to learn that sometimes people aren't interested in a debate and trying to educate the willfully ignorant, is usually a waste of time.

But I can't pick on Younger Me too much. Younger Me was still learning and eventually Younger Me grew up, so picking on her, is basically punching myself.


DissidentRage wrote

Corporations and millionaires who get taxed too much aren't going to hire people.

Corporations and rich fucks who aren't taxed instead invest their money in offshore accounts where it disappears from the money supply forever, except when it comes out long enough to bring more money back in as interest. Taxing them puts money back into circulation and ensures that people's jobs are supported through demand. It may not create jobs, at least not immediately, but lowering taxes on corporations and rich fucks isn't going to make them spend that money on hiring people. They don't care about working people. There's no drive for them to do it out of the kindness of their hearts.


ArbitraryHuman wrote

I remember telling a group of friends two years or so ago that I was “an American nationalist,” that I was “neither left nor right,” and that “the government needs a complete overhaul” (keep in mind that this was kinda sorta bullshit—I still thought of myself as a Democrat then). Looking back on that, the apparent radical centrism/pseudo-fashiness(?) that I expressed is extremely worrying, not just for the people I may have influenced at the time but as a parallel to that which other teens are going through. If I could say anything to my younger self, it would be simply, “Buy a copy of the Communist Manifesto right fucking now.”