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GrimWillow wrote (edited )

These people are so deluded. In comparison, obama is more right-wing than bush. The republicans have a lot more in common with the democrats than idiots like this care to even find out about. Both parties are shaking hands under the table with big corporations in efforts to solidify and maintain the labor prison for the corporate rule. Even the blowhard #45 will be more left-wing than democrats of the future if things keep going the way they are. The stuff these parties agree on are more fucked up than anything they disagree on. It's all cults of personality to make it seem like there's a war between the parties and you need to choose coke or pepsi or you're "stupid".

On top of this they really think he's got a lot of power, when they just need a face to sign more shit, misdirect, and push their brand of the cult of personality. If the "president" steps out of line, you can bet they've got a way to replace him.


Naokotani wrote

This makes no sense. Fauxbama is clearly an anarcho-primitivst.