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RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

Can we just stop electing celebrities to political office, period? You think the current freak show we have in the White House would be proof enough that it is a very dumb idea.

I do support the dismantling of the state, but the thing is, however satisfying it may feel to have all come crashing down at once, if it comes crashing down and we haven't stepped up to prepare, a lot of people will be hurt in the crash. Even if we have prepared, people are still going to be hurt and those who would be hurt, are the most struggling citizens, the poor, the disabled, etc. The rich will likely escape mostly unscathed, because wealth buys a lot of things, including escape hatches and golden parachutes.

This in mind, however satisfying it is in a trollish kind of way, to elect people with no experience to the highest offices in the land, it will invariably hurt the most vulnerable citizens the most and George Clooney in no way qualifies.

Politics seems to be the only job where you can get hired by having no experience and by loudly talking about how much you hate the job and want to destroy the place you want to work for.


LucyParsonsRocks wrote (edited )

Well it could let brutal imperialism and genocide live another day if the libs are placated, but fuck that.


ziq wrote (edited )


Maybe Clooney could just be emperor of the world, that would really fix things.