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000 wrote

So what’s the scheme behind this one? Nazis stoke fear of a Nov 4th uprising so when nothing happens they act like the Antifa are pussies?


Enkara wrote (edited )

are pussies?

Can we not? The analogy of pussy with weakness doesn't even make sense.

If you want sensitive, exposed, and weak sex organs testicles make way more sense.


zorblax wrote

fascists? admitting any chink in their armor of masculinity? Surely not!


GrimWillow wrote

Yea, the whole "omg they're starting a war!!" "oh, look at that, they failed and it's because we stopped it!!!" Maybe it's because they're creating a spooky boogeyman for the fabricated victories that they pretend are big battles to give their fanbase something to be "proud" of.


styrofoam wrote

Maybe it's a trial balloon for something else? Maybe they're trying to incite terrorism?