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marx wrote

Supporting the police is the worst part.


boringskip wrote

i'm gonna have to disagree with that, but it's semantics


DissidentRage wrote

no one on r/anarchism or r/socialism is actually a leftist

  • transphobic

  • supports cops

  • defends pedos

  • generally hot reactionary trash


zod wrote

You know Alexander Berkman was a pedo, right?


GrimWillow wrote

Interesting, I did not know this before about Berkman.

Not condoning Berkman engaging with her so young, but Becky Edelsohn seems like she grew up to be pretty cool.

Quote from anarchist historian Paul Avrich:

A black flag was flying, and Becky Edelsohn was marching arm in arm with Charles Plunkett. She was a tremendously fiery person, always two steps ahead of Berkman or Goldman. She called for the immediate destruction of the capitalist system — a real propaganda-of-the-deedist! She was famous for her red stockings, which she was wearing that day. We marched up Fifth Avenue from Union Square to 107th Street. At Fifty-Ninth Street a black limousine was crossing and stopped momentarily for the crowd. Becky opened the door and spat in the face of the plutocrats.


ziq wrote (edited )

Awesome. There really should be no tolerance for the ruling class. They should be treated like lepers by everyone.


zombie_berkman OP wrote

henry clay frick is that you?


ziq wrote

It's actually true. He had a relationship with a 15 yr old girl when he was 35.


zombie_berkman OP wrote

huh didnt know that. heryclayfrickisapieceofshit is a bit too long for a name. so back to the drawing boards


redforeman wrote

All this talk about the discord being nuked is a lie. it is still up and running.


ziq wrote

I'm going to delete my reddit account just to get you people off my back. Please stop doxxing me now, I didn't do anything to you.