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BlackFlagged wrote

White people: no one wants your shitty culture.


zorblax wrote

I feel like it's different when a group that has historically and currently been systematically oppressed mocks their oppressors, than the other way around.


MisterDoctorProfessorX wrote

Doesn't really matter. Whiteface, blackface, redface are all just costumes and don't affect my life at all.


Enkara wrote

Haha no it's awesome.

I'm also into the twin tower costumes.


Enkara wrote

it's a double standard.


i can see why they did this, and i'm not always one to take the high road (i fail miserably most times)

TIL mocking trump supporters is taking the low road.

just "why bother?" is all i can think. what good can come of it?

Self-gratification is a good enough reason as any.


mofongo wrote

It's for shit like this that dominicans get call racists. You should have a bit of empathy to the people that are the butt of the racist stereotyping that are the blackface, redface instead of dismissing it because it doesn't affect you.


zer0crash wrote

Next time anyone thinks something is problematic, they must ask MisterDoctorProfessorX if it affects their life at all. If not, it is not an issue because we all know that MisterDoctorProfessorX is the ultimate word on everything.

lol no one really gives a shit if something affects you personally.


Enkara wrote (edited )

you can't do this to us, but we can do it to you.

It's a weird statement because I feel no particular camaraderie between myself and other white folks with which to say there is an "us".

is that not what a double standard is by definition?

I guess so but so what?

Have we established that double standards are universally bad? I mean I don't feel like not being socially permitted to wear black face is anything close to oppression. Of all the shit in life, that hasn't been a problem for me... I just don't do it and dgaf.

If some black folks wanna mock trump supporters by wearing white face that's great, I don't feel personally targetted at all and don't see why someone would unless they are white trump supporters (in which case fuck-em).


Enkara wrote (edited )

why have any standards in that case? they are meaningless.

Hrmm,... Actually I'm down with this, fuck standards... They are usually so arbitrary and meaningless. I guess people should just do as they will while keeping in mind how their actions will affect others, and we can decide what to do about it on a case-by-case basis. Otherwise it's just legalism.

i'm talking about making a person's skin color into a costume. that's all. i don't think that is cool no matter what your skin color is.

That's your prerogative I guess, who am I to tell you what you feel is cool? But I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with making skin color into a costume... It's only the social and historical context that makes it wrong, and I don't know of any social or historical context which makes white face wrong (shrug).


Enkara wrote

not trying to be an ass when i say this, but maybe it's because you are white? blackface, and things like that, have rarely if ever happend to white people i guess. and white people have been dominating others more than being dominated by others, so the sensitivity to that kind of thing may not be as acute.

I don't see it as an insensitivity on my part, and perhaps if I weren't white it would be something more visceral and inherent-feeling. But what I'm saying is that the action itself, devoid of social context and history which we live under, is just an action. Which isn't me justifying the action, just clarifying it so that I'm better able to process the instances where it's not a problem (whiteface).

Sort of like there is nothing inherently wrong with drag (me against gender transgression r u fucking kidding me?!), even though more often than not drag performances can comes off as misogynist or transphobic.