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zorblax wrote

I feel like it's different when a group that has historically and currently been systematically oppressed mocks their oppressors, than the other way around.


An_Old_Big_Tree OP wrote

Yeah - I'm mostly posting this here for the list of bad/racist responses to this that are in the article.


Enkara wrote

Haha no it's awesome.

I'm also into the twin tower costumes.


BlackFlagged wrote

White people: no one wants your shitty culture.


MisterDoctorProfessorX wrote

Doesn't really matter. Whiteface, blackface, redface are all just costumes and don't affect my life at all.


mofongo wrote

It's for shit like this that dominicans get call racists. You should have a bit of empathy to the people that are the butt of the racist stereotyping that are the blackface, redface instead of dismissing it because it doesn't affect you.


zer0crash wrote

Next time anyone thinks something is problematic, they must ask MisterDoctorProfessorX if it affects their life at all. If not, it is not an issue because we all know that MisterDoctorProfessorX is the ultimate word on everything.

lol no one really gives a shit if something affects you personally.


ziq wrote

White privilege is fun, huh?


MisterDoctorProfessorX wrote

FWIW I'm Dominican living in the US. I just try not to let other people's rules control me or their actions offend me.


mofongo wrote

Eeiii, yo tambien! Que divertido encontrar a otro dominicano en los rincones del internet.