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black_fox wrote

i don't vote, i don't care if others vote, but i will never not make fun of anarchists who tell people to vote


Dumai wrote

JC will be the first anti-imperialist to be elected in any core capitalist country.



Dumai wrote

no such thing as an anti-imperialist socdem, particularly not one leading a party with a manifesto that looks like that


ziq OP wrote (edited )

More nukes and more cops.

I love how these fake fucking anarchists try to shame people into voting by saying they're hurting people if they don't.

The guy saying there's no racism in the party is a mod, too.


celebratedrecluse wrote

Labour has had a tremendous opportunity to seize power in the last few years, and yet like their Democratic counterparts in the US they have squandered most of this window with incoherent first worldist politics, a limited imagination, and repeated failures to interrogate whiteness.


nbdy wrote (edited )

I’m so frustrated with hearing people say “voting helps marginalized people” without anything to back it up. As far as I’ve seen the pigs are still shooting no matter who’s in power. The pipelines are still being built no matter who’s in power. Where I’m from any government is a colonial one. It exhausting as fuck to hear people call themselves anarchists and then in the same beath talk about state power being useful even with all their caveats.


Splinglebot wrote

I kinda lowkey want labour to win a majority so that in 5 years I can say I told you so


ziq OP wrote

You'd figure Greece would be enough I told you so's to last a few years.


[deleted] wrote


Splinglebot wrote

yea but they were openly centrist then. People seem to think it's different now that they have actual left wing leadership