Regarding recent attacks on f/SharedAcc

Submitted by QFTj0ykv in SharedAcc

I originally created f/SharedAcc to have a functioning forum where users can share account login information. r/SharedLogins had been banned and the only alternative I could find was r/Shared_Logins. However, on r/Shared_Logins it seems a troll lurked the subreddit. They would log on to each account and delete them. At first I thought Reddit was simply banning the accounts, however when an account is banned, it will say it has been suspended, whereas these accounts have been deleted.

It seems with the recent deletion of the accounts posted here, the same troll has found their way to our forum.

So what now? Well, the only idea I have is for us to create a private community elsewhere, perhaps on Riot. I haven't been able to restrict f/SharedAcc to certain users only, so that is off the table. I'm open to suggestions, but the only thing I can think of is for us to create a private community so we can narrow down the trolls and limit them to only a few logins, that way we still have access to shared accounts and have the ability to ban said trolls.

But again, I'm open to hearing others so if anyone has a different idea, leave them down below and we can look at our options.


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celebratedrecluse wrote

a private community which is invite-only is the only way to really go with this imo


QFTj0ykv OP wrote

That's the way I'm heading. Be on the lookout for new posts on the invite-only community I plan on making in the next few days. We can use this forum as a means of recruitment.


ClandestineMovah wrote

I actually changed the password of this one, fearing it's going to get hijacked.

It's working again now. I don't know how long it's gonna last.